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Move faster than your competition

Expert perspectives are the missing piece to your next successful investment. Discover opportunities faster with our extensive library of proprietary expert transcripts.

Fresh investment ideas come from fresh insights

Timely idea generation and thesis validation can be the difference between outsized returns or being stuck with the pack. Stream provides investors with fresh expert perspectives to spark winning ideas.

AI-Powered Insights

Get actionable insights, faster

Stream’s on-demand library of 30,000+ expert call transcripts paired with powerful, intelligent search tools helps you get a jump on the competition.

Research Use Cases

Give yourself an edge

Our experts provide the differentiated insights you need for long or short book idea generation, exploring potential M&A or restructuring candidates, searching for sector or thematic insights, and monitoring portfolio holdings.

World-Class Compliance

Industry-leading standards for compliance 

Not only is each expert vetted for conflicts, but Stream’s dedicated compliance team reviews all calls to prevent material, non-public information from being published. We’re so confident in our process that we allow internal compliance teams to vet requested transcripts before use.

Get only the answers you need with call services

Interested in an expert’s interview but wish they would have covered a specific topic or theme? No problem: Stream offers the ability to connect directly with experts with our Expert Call Services.

Lead the call yourself (or have one of Stream’s third-party partner analysts run it) and receive a compliance-vetted transcript—all at a significantly lower call cost than traditional expert networks.

Fuel your research workflow with expert insights

Expert insights tend to be costly in both time and money. Stream’s innovative platform unlocks the value of expert perspectives faster with relevant, on-demand content and AI search technology to accelerate discovery.

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