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Investment insights that increase depth of knowledge and decrease time-to-insight

Stream’s platform is an AI-powered database of thousands of unique expert call transcripts between industry thought leaders and buy-side analysts. Investors and corporates are empowered to make better decisions and decrease their time-to-insight with access to Stream’s unique, on-demand content library.

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Improve decision-making

Get the complete picture when making a critical decision. Stream gives you the operator’s perspective by providing access to thousands of expert perspectives from formers, customers, competitors and more, all in one platform.

Over 20,000+ call transcripts

Thousands of new transcripts per month

 AI-powered smart search pinpoints precisely what you’re looking for

Get smart, fast

With on-demand access to thousands of expert call transcripts, Stream accelerates your spend to insight. Spend time less time scheduling and more time building strategy and formulating new ideas.

Build speed and confidence into your decision-making process

On-demand access to thousands of expert insights

Real-time Alerts mean you’re always the first-to-know

Discover new ideas

One-of-a-kind analyst-led calls dive deep into an expert’s knowledge to help you discover new ideas, opportunities and theses. Stream jumpstarts your idea generation with unique perspectives and expert insights.


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