Easy access to powerful, primary research

Make faster, more confident decisions with tens of thousands of interview transcripts—on-demand, searchable, and all in one easy-to-use platform.

Who uses Stream?

Thousands of hedge fund analysts, portfolio managers, and investment research professionals use Stream to surface unique investment ideas faster and make more confident decisions. 

Hedge Funds

From idea generation for both long and short books to validating investment ideas to identifying evolving trends, Stream has you covered across every stop along the research workflow.

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Asset Managers

Stream helps you stay ahead of key trends and company signals, so you can secure strategic investments before it’s on anyone else’s radar.

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Private Equity

With Stream, you get the insights you need for all stages of the deal cycle—from identifying target companies to better understanding competitive moats to informing deal terms.

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Venture Capital

Whether you’re evaluating emerging companies, getting up to speed on industries, or prepping for board meetings, Stream provides the critical market and company insights you need at scale.

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Ready for quicker, more informed decision-making?

Compared to traditional expert networks, Stream helps you reduce the time and cost associated with gathering high-quality expert insights while providing the tools to scale your knowledge base fast.

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