Our Experts

Firsthand perspectives from leading experts

Get closer to the truth about a company, market, or industry with Stream’s handpicked experts.


Quality questions drive quality insights

The right interviewer and expert can make or break an expert interview. Our high-quality interviews are led by experienced buy-side analysts and conducted with pre-vetted industry experts with direct operator experience.

Our Experts

The latest and greatest experts

To ensure you get the most up-to-date perspectives, Stream carefully selects each expert so you can always stay ahead of trends and generate new ideas before your peers.

360 Degree View

All the perspectives you need

Get a comprehensive view of a company from a variety of experts ranging from former employees–executives to lab techs to sales–as well as competitors, customers, channel partners, suppliers, distributors, and more.

Broad Industry Coverage

Tap into every industry

Experts are curated for their expertise in a broad range of industries such as technology, media, telecommunications, healthcare services, life sciences, consumer, industrials, financials, and more.

Insights you can’t find from any other source


Our skilled and highly active research management team sources new experts daily across industries and geographies.


Our experts are customized to our clients’ requests, so you won’t find them in existing expert networks.

Highest Standards

We not only screen the quality of our experts but we’re also selective about which transcripts we allow to be published onto the platform.


All Stream experts are screened to have been no more than 2.5 years outside their relevant role.

Tired of recycled expert call insights?

Compared to traditional expert networks, Stream helps you reduce the time and cost associated with getting high-quality expert insights while providing the tools to scale up your knowledge base quicker.

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