Expert Call Services

Access expert knowledge through personalized calls

Strengthen your primary research with tailored, in-depth insights from industry experts.

Surface deeper insights with one-on-one expert calls

Save time and elevate your expert connections with Stream’s Expert Call Services—a game-changing solution delivering the most cost-effective access to pre-qualified experts, complete with transparent pricing, free transcriptions, and world-class compliance for an unparalleled experience.

Higher ROI on expert insights research 

Connect directly with industry experts to make informed investment decisions without breaking the bank. Our service is priced at a 70% cost saving compared to traditional expert networks, making it the most cost-effective solution in the industry.

Global network of quality experts

Stream’s Expert Call Services provides access to more than one million expert profiles spanning all industries across the globe.

Speedy custom recruiting

We handpick top-notch experts for your projects, utilizing precise prequalification methods tailored to your specific requirements.

Industry-leading compliance

Stream prioritizes due diligence, performing thorough checks both pre and post-each expert call, along with meticulous transcript reviews to guarantee secure and compliant content. We equip customer compliance teams with access to a dedicated compliance portal, ensuring transparent operations and immediate access to audit reports.

“What you are doing with call services really helps us to go a ‘mile’ a lot faster and with more flexibility than ever before, while also providing us with the capability to pinpoint specific research areas for focused exploration.”

Nitin Sacheti, Founder and Portfolio Manager, Papyrus Capital

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