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With a strict verification and review process for each individual transcript, Stream sets the bar high for compliance standards.


Ultimate peace of mind

Not only is Stream’s compliance process created by our Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) with 20+ years of experience, it also follows a robust procedure to verify experts and review each individual transcript before publication. Our hand-picked team of compliance reviewers have collectively reviewed over 30,000 transcripts in the past two years to provide our clients with confidence about the safety of their research.


How our compliance review works

  • Step 1: Verify expert

    Experts complete a compliance questionnaire that includes their employment history, agreements they’ve entered into, and other relevant information—all of which is then verified before they are interviewed.

  • Step 2: Review transcript

    The compliance team reviews every transcript to ensure it meets regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Step 3: Customize access to meet your policies

    We work with compliance departments to structure access based on discrete compliance policies.

Compliance standards you can trust

Surface differentiated expert insights with confidence that compliance is front and center across the content development process.

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