Healthcare Monthly: Top 10 Expert Call Transcripts in Your Area (August)

August may have come to an end but summer is still going strong. Well, at least in Sacramento, CA it is with a record breaking high of 115°F this past week. Austin says tans are fading away in TMT August Monthly, but mine is still going strong. Sorry man, can’t relate!

What I can relate to are the top expert call transcripts of August considering I’ve already been writing about them in Healthcare Weekly. NVS, ILMN, and CVS continue to be the top trending expert call transcripts among others on Stream by AlphaSense. I’ll be sharing sneak peaks here but if you want the full tea, you’ll have to sign up for a free trial!

Top Expert Call Transcripts of August 2022 by Engagement

Top Ten Expert Call Transcripts: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences (PBLS)

# Company Transcript
1 NVS (Novartis Inc) Oncologist Sees a Limited Role for Tabrecta in Treating Patients With NSCLC
2 ZTS (Zoetis Inc) Former Global Commercial Director Is Positive on ZTS’s Company Strategy and Key Growth Drivers
3 ILMN (Illumina Inc) Former Sr. Segment Specialist Sees ILMN Remaining Well-Positioned but With an Increased Risk of Pricing Pressure
4 NVS (Novartis Inc) Former Strategic Head Doesn’t See The Commercial Potential For Cell and Gene Therapies in Latin America
5 NVS (Novartis Inc) Cardiologist Sees a Significant Need in ASCVD That NVS’s Leqvio Could Fill
6 IQV (IQVIA Holdings Inc) Former Director Believes That IQV and IBM Have Both Played a Dramatic Role in the Updating of Datasets in AIML Applications
7 TMO (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc) Customer Expects Next Mass Spectrometry Purchase Will Most Likely Be TMO Despite Some Concerns About the Platform
8 IQV (IQVIA Holdings Inc) Former Associate Director Thinks IQV Is More of an End-to-End Provider Than ICLR but ICLR Is Easier to Deal With From a Customer Perspective
9 ICLR (Icon PLC) Former Competitor Sees IQV and ICLR as Best Positioned CROs
10 JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) Cardiac EP Prefers Biosense Webster for Afib and Sees Significant Advantages of Leadless Pacing

NVS ranks number one for PBLS, and number three, and number four… Basically NVS is a trending topic on Stream but we knew this as we saw many developments happen in the oncology space in last week’s Healthcare Weekly. Experts in research and oncology aren’t very impressed with the new drug, Tabrecta, because innovations are never really blockbusters within this space.

The risk of pricing pressure increasing is high for ILMN, and I took quite a deep dive on ILMN’s Increasing Focus in the Long-Read Sequencing Market earlier this month.

In regards to #3 NVS, the prior Head of Strategy at NVS claims that there isn’t a commercial potential for cell and gene therapies in Latin America.

The gene and cell therapies are not going to fly in Mexico. While all the gene and cell therapies are not going to play in Mexico because the government cannot pay that amount of money and we don’t have here in Mexico private insurance and they are very expensive out-of-pocket. They will not fly. All the gene and cell therapy will be a big problem in this market.”

-Strategic and Business Excellence Head, Novartis (Prior)

In terms of corporate culture, the former IQV Associate Director of Business Development feels that IQV was very “cold, cold hearted” and that ICON was a warmer place to work. Much like Sacramento. 

“The cultures, yeah. IQVIA was your typical large-scale, multinational corporate organization operating as a CRO and typically as an end-to-end provider for customers in the biotech, pharma, and medical device industries. That was pretty much providing preclinical, clinical and post-approval services and technology.

It felt very corporate and I suppose in a lot of respects it felt distant at times. If you compare it to ICON, ICON was about half the size, but also felt a bit warmer. It felt a bit more collegial, if that’s the word. It felt like a better place to work. I have to be honest with you, I felt much more content in my role at ICON at the time.

-Associate Director of Business Development, IQVIA

Top Ten Expert Call Transcripts: Health Care Equipment & Services

Rank Ticker (Company) Transcript
1 IDXX (IDEXX Laboratories Inc) Former Manager Believes ZTS Is a Significant Threat to IDXX
2 CVS (CVS Health Corp)
3 ISRG (Intuitive Surgical Inc)
4 UNH (Unitedhealth Group Inc)
5 DXCM (Dexcom Inc)
6 LH (Laboratory Corp Of America Holdings) Former Sr. Data Analyst Believes LH Will Continue to Grow Nationwide
7 ALGN (Align Technology Inc)
8 UNH (Unitedhealth Group Inc) Competitor Believes the Drug Pricing Bill Is Inconsequential
9 SOON (Sonova Holding Ltd.)
10 PHG (Royal Philips NV)

Taking the leading position on this list is IDXX which is in troubled waters because Zoetis (ZTS) has developed competitive products and the dollars to invest into the veterinary healthcare market.

I do think that [IDXX] has some pricing pressures in the form of Zoetis. Zoetis has acquired the Abaxis legacy line and they’ve invested some money in it. I think they can get that product line to be pretty competitive with IDEXX’s.

They’ve also invested in having reference labs, which is something that they didn’t have before. With a company like Zoetis, they have the dollars to invest and compete in that market where there’s not many other players that could do that. I do think there’ll be some pressure for IDEXX. It’s not short-term…

IDEXX might have raised prices three or four times over the past three or four years. If you have a seven-year contract, there’s not much you can do for another four or five years. It’ll take some time. I do think Zoetis poses a major threat to them…

Yeah. I think Zoetis is the major threat to IDEXX. I say that because one, I know their products. Their products are good. They also have the dollars to invest and improve the products like IDEXX did.”

– Global Marketing Manager, IDEXX (Prior)

CVS ranks number two within the equipment and services sub sector which makes sense because CVS’ bid on Signify Health (SGFY) is definitely a huge development in telehealth. It’s one that I’m interested in because I would definitely not like Amazon (AMZN) to have yet another complete monopoly so CVS needs to come into the competition while they still have the chance. I also covered the Binding Effect of ALGN’s iTero Scanners and the loyalty of orthodontists to Invisalign earlier this month.

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