Stream Expert Call Transcripts on Healthcare Market Events: May 2023 Recap

Stream by AlphaSense has an ever-growing expert call library offering a range of industry perspectives. For healthcare enthusiasts, look no further for a May 2023 recap of expert call transcripts that provide deeper insights on trending healthcare topics, upcoming events and market movers. Check out expert insights on: PHG management changes; challenges facing EMBC, MDT, OMCL; ambulatory surgery center trends; weight-loss drugs, psilocybin-assisted therapies and more!

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Trending Healthcare Topics

Stream expert call transcripts that provide context to important industry topics.

Trend Toward Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)

The pandemic accelerated a trend away from inpatient hospital procedures toward outpatient procedures performed at ASCs. Experts at Stream expect this trend to persist and provide detailed insights into the challenges and opportunities it presents. Here’s a sampling:

Omnicell Sales Slowdown

Sales of Omnicell’s automated dispensing cabinets for medication management have been slowing since last year, with the company citing macro dynamics such as customer labor shortages and hospital budget pressures.

However, this recent Stream interview with a former Omnicell director of operations indicates a lack of innovation and diversification are also factors and are unlikely to be readily resolved. This builds on similar opinions expressed by this former Omnicell regional sales director and this former Omnicell vice president during 1Q23 and 4Q22, respectively.  

“I think [Omnicell]… overestimated the success or ease of bringing new solutions [to the market]. The next couple of years are going to be tough for them unless something changes dramatically, and I don’t even know what that might be.” Former Omnicell Sales Director II

“Man, [Omnicell] is such a cabinet-based system. Until they come out with another type of cabinet, I don’t think [they can spur a new adoption cycle]… All the digital stuff that they’re talking about is a nice-to-have, but it’s just not going to move the needle from a revenue perspective. It’s just not.” – Former Omnicell Vice President North America

“The big companies, like [Becton Dickinson]… sell other products… That is one of the reasons it’s very hard [for Omnicell] to take too much market share… Omnicell is really stand-alone. I don’t know how they’re standing alone. Somebody should pick them up.” Former Omnicell Director of Operations

Weight Loss Drugs: Room for More Entrants?

With the FDA expected to approve Eli Lilly’s Mounjaro by the end of the year as the second glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) based therapy for weight loss, will there be room in the market for additional GLP-1-based competitors?

An Endocrinologist who recently provided Stream with feedback on Viking Therapeutics’ VK2375 candidate thought so, citing the need for additional supply to meet the immense demand potential of GLP-1-based products. A second and third endocrinologist agreed. (See the Stream library for many more expert views on the weight-loss drug market.)

“I’m reasonably excited about [Viking’s VK2375], perhaps more than most me-too drugs… It looks comparable to what’s on the market, but there’s a need for more options and more affordable options. I think it will have a place.” Endocrinologist with Optum Endocrinology

Option Care Health/Amedisys Deal

Option Care Health, a provider of post-acute care and infusion services, recently announced plans to acquire home health and hospice care company Amedisys, leaving investors with questions about the deal’s rationale.

This expert, a senior director with a competing home health company, believes the acquisition is “really promising” for Option Care Health and will likely expand the company’s addressable patient population.

“The [home health] skill set matches [that of] infusion, so now you’re empowering the same type of clinician to have a bigger skill set and tool box… The opportunity of those two companies coming together is really going to optimize all the things [they will] be able to do for a patient.” Senior Director, Value-Based Provider Strategy at DispatchHealth Holdings, Inc.

Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy

Against a backdrop of growing interest in psilocybins for treating mental health conditions, three psychiatrists recently shared with Stream their reactions to Incannex Healthcare’s interim Phase II trial results for its PsiGAD psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy program for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Although the study data was limited, all three experts were positive on the effectiveness of PsiGAD treatment and its potential to address a relatively large need.

“For a lot of people, it’s a very slow, expensive process [to treat GAD]… If there’s a chance [PsiGAD] may accelerate improvement, that would be largely beneficial to the field… There are millions of people that can potentially benefit from this type of treatment.” Psychiatrist in private practice

“What I’m surprised by is that my colleagues who have no connection whatsoever to the world of psychedelic research… also are very excited [about psilocybin-assisted treatments]. I think they’re equally frustrated with the current paradigms.” Psychiatrist in private practice

“I think you’d be surprised at how many people like the elderly, people you wouldn’t think would go for [PsiGAD], would go for it… I’ve seen that with ketamine.” Psychiatrist in private practice

Coming Up in Healthcare

Stream expert call transcripts to help prepare for upcoming events.

Anticipated Launch: Neffy Epinephrine Spray

On May 11, an advisory committee recommended the FDA approve ARS Pharmaceuticals’ Neffy epinephrine nasal spray for severe allergic reactions, fueling expectations the treatment will be approved by the middle of the year and on the market by year end. In this Stream interview, as well as this one and this one, allergists share their opinions about Neffy and how it is likely to be used in clinical practice. Here’s one more for good measure.

American Diabetes Association (ADA) 83rd Scientific Sessions: June 23 – 26

With device and drug makers continuing to break new ground in diabetes treatments, the upcoming ADA annual conference is sure to attract strong interest. The Stream library is rich with expert transcripts to help you prepare for the event. For example:

Endocrinologist Thinks the Surprisingly Good HbA1c Reduction Data for BMEA Fusion’s BMF-219 in Type 2 Diabetics Is Intriguing – Endocrinologist at Columbia University

Endocrinologist Sees ABT’s Libre Becoming Increasingly Competitive in T1 While PODD’s O5 Is Gaining Share From TNDM – Endocrinologist at Georgetown University Hospital

Former Business Development Director Believes There Is Potential for Ultrasound to Transform the Diabetes Segment – Former Business Development Director at GE Healthcare

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