Anticipate Risk in a Post-SVB Market with Stream’s Expert Transcript Library

Should we have anticipated the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB)? Perhaps, according to Marc Rubinstein,[1]

Silicon Valley Bank was technically insolvent at the end of September. Its $15.9 billion of held-to-maturity (HTM) mark-to-market losses completely subsumed the $11.8 billion of tangible common equity that supported the bank’s balance sheet.”

Of course HTM losses do not have to be booked, so perhaps the market was correct to ignore this. Hear more from Mr. Rubinstein himself about it in this webcast by AlphaSense: Understanding Bank Crises in a Rapidly Evolving Market.

We wrote about SIVB previously, focusing specifically on the challenges of the Boston Private acquisition, but let’s forget about the retrospective on SIVB for a moment. What proactive steps can you take to anticipate the next one?

Our customers remain our top priority, and we are committed to supporting you through all market conditions, using Stream by AlphaSense. Despite the challenging circumstances, our mission to empower confident and swift investment decisions remains unchanged and is now more essential than ever.

Navigate Turbulent Markets by Harnessing Expert Insights

Stream by AlphaSense has gathered a number of resources to help our customers stay current on fluctuations in the market:

  • Stay Ahead of Blindspots: Set alerts for “SIVB” or “SVB” keywords and stay up-to-date with real-time expert call transcripts.
  • Streamline Sentiment Analysis: Easily uncover positive or negative sentiments on SVB by utilizing Stream AI technology. First select “All Company Mentions,” then enter “SVB Positive” or “SVB Negative” as your keyword search, and finally adjust your keyword proximity to dive deeper into our expert call library.
  • Filter by Industry: Refine your search ever further by selecting “All Industries” then filtering your target industry to “Financials” to keep the pulse directly on the financial climate.
  • Maintain Thematic Alerts: Set up alerts for keywords such as “Deposits,” “Interest Rates,” “Portfolio Hedging” to monitor industry trends. 
  • Ticker Keyword Search: Use a company’s ticker as a keyword search to pull up a specific company and all of its mentions in the library. For example, a search for “SVB” would pull up not just SVB Financial Group, but also similar banks that are relevant to your search.
  • Gain Valuable Perspectives: Review the following expert call transcripts to acquire a more in-depth understanding of SVB and its operations:

Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager with any inquiries or to receive advice on best practices to ensure that you stay informed about any new developments. Read this article to get more insight on what led to the collapse of SVB.

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  1. The Demise of Silicon Valley Bank, Net Interest by Marc Rubinstein


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