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Our experts are thought leaders in their fields and enjoy staying on top of market trends, industry updates, and connecting with top investors. Build your professional brand, expand your influence within your industry and get compensated for your time and expertise.

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How expert consulting works

As a thank you for becoming an expert, we will grant you 6 months of free access to our interview database. You can use it to find out what other experts in your industry are saying—and enrich your own expertise and market value further.

In addition, we’ll send you a copy of your interview for your use in growing your thought leadership.

Become an expert

Why should I join Stream’s network of experts?

Build thought leadership:

From technology and media to industrials and healthcare, Stream’s experts are curated for their their deep knowledge and subject matter expertise

Analyst-led conversations:

Each Stream interview is conducted by an industry-specific investment analyst, so the depth of your expertise will be highlighted way beyond the surface

Expand your influence:

All experts are hand-picked to share their unique perspectives with Stream’s vast network of analysts and clients

Paid follow-up opportunities:

Stream clients who would like more of an expert’s insights can request paid follow-up consultations

Free platform access:

All experts are granted 6 months of complimentary access to Stream’s interview library of 17,000+ transcripts (and counting)

“Your analyst was off the charts! He understood my industry in a way that I would never expect and his ability to facilitate the call was perfect. I expected a junior person that was just there to take notes. Instead I was given an expert in our shared field that truly understood every word I was saying. Nice job!!”

Industrials Expert

Frequently asked questions

What is Stream?

Stream is a library of in-depth interviews with former executives, customers, competitors and channel partners of publicly traded companies.

Who are Stream clients?

Investment analysts, portfolio managers, and corporate strategists use the library as a cost-effective way to gather qualitative insights about their target companies in the TMT, healthcare, consumer and industrial sectors.

What is the format of the interview?

Think of it as being a guest on a podcast. An investment analyst that is familiar with your industry asks you questions about the industry to promote your expertise to our client base.

How much time should I devote to the call?

The call will last 30–60 minutes with the majority of calls lasting around 45 minutes.

Who will interview me?

An investment analyst who is knowledgeable in your field will interview you to best showcase your expertise.

How can I best prepare for my call?

Typically no preparation is required. If any preparation is required, we will let you know prior to the call.

Are all calls recorded? What happens to the recording?

Yes. All calls are recorded, transcribed and uploaded to the Stream platform. We will also send you a copy of the interview for your use in growing your thought leadership.

Who can see my interview?

Interviews are only accessible to our subscribers. Your name will never be included, and your job title can be anonymized per your request.

What’s the cost?

There is no cost to you.

Why would I want free access to the interview library?

You can find out what other experts in your industry are saying by browsing the interview library. You can even use the library to help you manage your personal investment portfolio.

What if I want to extend my free access to the interview library?

To extend your access to the interview library, simply contact us. We’ll interview you again and extend your access for another six months.


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