Stream by AlphaSense and Tegus are leading investment research platforms that revolutionize the way users access valuable primary insights through a library of expert call transcripts. These cutting-edge tools go beyond the limitations of traditional expert networks by providing instant access to both expert transcripts and expert call services. Both Stream and Tegus empower users to make informed investment decisions backed by firsthand insights from industry experts.

However, Stream and Tegus are two distinct investment research platforms, each with its own set of unique features and approaches. While Tegus currently offers a larger number of transcripts, Stream by AlphaSense stands out with its comprehensive coverage, intuitive AI search capabilities, user-friendly interface, and proven return on investment. Stream clients have said that we offer many advantages over Tegus, though there are three areas in particular that appear to have unanimous agreement:

Broader Sector Coverage

While both Stream and Tegus provide comparable coverage of the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector, Stream’s library offers a distinct advantage with its broader coverage across a range of other sectors. In addition to TMT, Stream covers healthcare, consumer, industrials, energy, financials, materials, utilities, and real estate. This comprehensive sector coverage positions Stream as a valuable resource for investors seeking insights across various industries.

Lower Cost Per Call

With Stream’s cost-effective expert call services, investors can interact directly with industry experts and gain a better understanding of a company, its products and position within the industry. Tegus typically charges users approximately $500 to $525 per call with an expert while Stream is priced at approximately 30% lower per call.

Faster Time to Insight

Relative to Tegus, you can surface information faster on the Stream platform with powerful AI capabilities, Smart Synonyms, sentiment analysis, recommended transcripts and summaries, and generative AI features (coming soon). Save time searching through calls with personalized dashboards, alerts, and tailored content that prioritizes what matters most to you. 

Key Differences: What sets Stream by AlphaSense apart from Tegus?

PlatformStream by AlphaSenseTegus
Broad Coverage Across SectorsHealthcare, consumer, industrials, financials, energy, materials, utilities, and real estate.TMT and Healthcare focused
Broad Coverage Across Company TypePublic, Private, InternationalPrivate focused
Experts ProfileHand-picked for every callReused for multiple topics
Search CapabilitiesSearch multiple companies at once and filter by sectorSearch one company at a time
AI TechnologyDocument topics, smart synonyms, and sentiment highlightingNO
Call SummariesQuickly identify main ideas and expert stancesNO
Table of ContentsBrowse call content and quickly jump to areas of interestNO
Real AudioTranscripts are paired with its original audio to hear voice inflection and toneComputer generated audio
Mobile App (Powerful insights on the go)YESYES