TMT Weekly: AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL Earnings

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Three of the largest companies in the world report earnings this evening, so we thought we’d share a few notable recent transcripts to provide context for the calls. We have hundreds more transcripts in the library on just these three names, which you can request access to here.

AAPL Partner Believes Very Few Understand the Nuances of AAPL’s SKAd Network Competitor – Director of Customer Success (Current)

“There’s a couple of things I think that point the way that I expect it to go. One is that with the SKAdNetwork 4.0, they made things more complicated. Instead of one postback, now you have three postbacks. How do you handle that? Data. There’s more ways to update things. If anything, it’s become a lot more complex because of that. The other component of it is Apple is not going to show you a reporting tool. They’re not going to provide the data in all the different levels of granularity and easy access and things like that. It seems pretty unlikely that they would be able to go that way. I definitely don’t expect it.

Competitor – Director of Customer Success (Current)


AMZN Former Competitor Believes AMZN Clinic Is in Early Stages of Growth and the Product Strategy Is Still Being Developed Competitor – Senior Director of Marketing (Prior)

“The last place that I was at, at that point, we had four years worth of data and had touched millions of people across the United States. Having more insight into who that person is as far as what condition they’re coming into allows you to get more targeted with your marketing and more targeted from an emotional standpoint, which I think is really beneficial. We have all of the demographic data points, but what do we know about when we map this person out, what is their mindset? How can we tap into that from a marketing perspective? The more that we know about a consumer’s mindset, the better we’re able to serve them from a marketing perspective but also from a digital product perspective.


Amazon will have a unique ability to market because they’ll be able to understand someone’s medical condition but also their history of what they’ve done in their life through their purchases. That will unlock tremendous opportunity from a marketing perspective.”

Competitor – Senior Director of Marketing (Prior)


GOOGL Former Industry Manager Believes GOOGL Is Better Positioned Than META in Advertising Because Search Terms Naturally Indicate Buying Intent Google – Industry Manager, Retail (Prior)

“I think it is important there to split out what people are using these services for. Is it for a commercial query, a navigational query, or a very information-deep query, which is where ChatGPT and other services have proven really, really impressive? I think it’s necessary to do that segmentation when trying to analyze and predict the impact on search engine marketing.”

Google – Industry Manager, Retail (Prior)

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