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1/9: AZN announced it had agreed to buy CINC even though in November, CINC’s lead drug candidate, baxdrostat, had fallen short of its phase 2 study goal of reducing blood pressure in patients with uncontrolled hypertension. 

  • Three recent Stream interviews with physicians also indicate baxdrostat holds promise despite the phase 2 miss, including this nephrologist who said: 

“The fact that we didn’t have adverse outcomes overall in the study and we had better results in the black population, I think should be encouraging because… these are the people who end up having the worst outcomes because of high blood pressure.” – Transplant nephrologist with St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth, MN

Healthcare Technology:

1/18: TDOC announced a restructuring plan that includes cutting 6% of the company’s non-clinician workforce and consolidating office space.

  • In this Stream interview, a former TDOC executive lays out opportunities and risks for the company: 

[Teladoc has] some real AI opportunities, machine learning opportunities, and I don’t know if they’ve unlocked all of them… [In terms of] bigger trends… there’s going to be a race to the bottom. There are lots of single a la carte services that are going to compete with Teladoc… Big healthcare payers are going to start buying those things up and then packaging them. I’m not convinced Teladoc can win on the customer-experience front in those scenarios.” – Former VP of Engineering with Teladoc Health Inc.

Managed Care:

1/9: OSH’s stock jumped on reports of CVS exploring the acquisition of OSH and its network of value-based primary care centers. In turn, this fueled speculation of broader M&A activity in value-based care (VBC) and aided shares of VBC players such as CANO and CMAX.

  • Stream has a trove of interviews with VBC experts, who are generally quite positive on the VBC market and OSH

“In 10 years, you’ll be hard-pressed to say, ‘I just want to be a primary care provider and all I want to do is get paid fee-for-service. I want to ignore all the value-based agreements and payers and partners.’ It’ll be difficult… to do that.” – Former regional vice president of operations at Steward Health Care Network

“I could tell you stories of patients that, when they first came to us, were wheelchair-bound. Once they started [with Oak Street Health], …we began to get things under control. I saw some patients go from [being] completely wheelchair-bound to walking and happy and smiling and living.” – Physician and former Oak Street Health medical director in North Carolina


1/4: GEHC began trading as a separate company after completing its spinoff from GE

  • Two former GEHC executives offer their views about the spinoff, albeit with differing opinions about the company’s near-term prospects:

Former VP Thinks GE Healthcare Could Face a Period of Disruption Following Its Spinoff  Former Vice President, Patient Monitoring with GE Healthcare

Former GM Believes GE Is Well-Positioned Heading Into the Healthcare Spin Former President & General Manager, Ultrasound in the U.S. and Canada with GE Healthcare  

1/17: ABT announced it had received FDA approval for its next-generation Navitor transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) device. 

  • In general, feedback among Stream experts indicates any new TAVR device will likely have trouble taking meaningful share from market leader EW:

“Sometimes we… get set in our ways, which is not necessarily the best thing, but it does help with the reproducibility of [good patient] outcomes. When you adopt new technologies, you’re going to have a learning curve… Even Medtronic complains that they have difficulty penetrating market share because Edwards has been around for so long.” Medical Director, Cardiology with Hospital of Providence Transmountain Campus

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Stream expert call transcripts that gear you up for upcoming events.


Later this month, ABBV’s Humira is set to face its first biosimilar competitor – AMGN’s product – with others to follow throughout the year. 

  • In this Stream interview, a former senior director who was responsible for biosimilars for a Big 3 pharmaceutical wholesaler shares detailed thoughts on ABBV’s likely strategy for defending the Humira franchise.

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