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11/28: SRPT announced FDA priority review of SRP-9001 for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which would be the company’s fourth Duchenne drug if approved and the first using gene therapy.

  • These former SRPT employees believe SRP-9001 is efficacious and that speedy FDA approval is necessary to fend off PFE and secure the lion’s share of the market.

“The one that heads to market first will have such a huge benefit that it will capture the absolute majority of the market; that’s clear. It’s a race for [Sarepta and Pfizer] to get [to market] first.” Former Sarepta senior director and general manager, focused on developing precision genetic medicine

11/29: BIIB with ESALY announced full results of the phase 3 study of lecanemab for early Alzheimer’s disease, which were consistent with earlier topline data, though questions remain about lecanemab’s risk-reward profile.

  • These physicians share how they are weighing risks vs. rewards as they consider prescribing lecanemab should it receive FDA approval.

“I would be cautiously optimistic [about lecanemab]. I want to wait and see what happens after six months [of use], if there is any correlation between the duration of therapy and accelerated improvement. Is the ARIA adverse event still low in frequency and, more importantly, not as symptomatic as the prior agents?”Neurologist with Northwell Health who treats ~ 50 – 70 Alzheimer’s patients monthly

12/12: MRTX received accelerated FDA approval for its non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) therapy, adagrasib, which will be marketed as Krazati and compete against AMGN’s first-to-market Lumakas.

  • Among two oncologists who commented on adagrasib’s recent phase II trial results, one is likely to choose AMGN’s treatment over MRTX’s and the other considers the two a toss-up. However, both said MRTX’s drug has an advantage among those NCLSC patients who also have central nervous system (CNS) metastases.

“[The] breakthrough point in Mirati is they have shown some CNS activity, and that’s a very good sign because many…lung cancer [patients] have brain metastases.” – Oncologist in private practice

12/13: AMGN agreed to acquire HZNP for $27.8B, making this the largest healthcare acquisition of 2022.

  • Experts at Stream were positive on HZNP’s treatments, especially TEPEZZA for thyroid eye disease, though a few physicians indicated VRDN’s pipeline treatment could be a competitive threat.

“[VRDN-200] is very exciting because it’s only two shots compared to TEMPEZZA’s eight. You’re basically looking at a drastic reduction in just [administering] this medication.” – Endocrinologist with Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Healthcare Technology:

11/30: OMCL communicated plans to reduce its workforce by ~9%, citing macroeconomic headwinds.

  • This interview with OMCL’s former Vice President North America suggests lack of innovation may have also been a factor and has weighed on 2022 sales.  

“Ninety-five percent of [Omnicell’s] business is…[pharmacy] cabinet sales. They do a lot of good things, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the cabinets. Until… Omnicell comes out with a new cabinet, it’s status quo. Hence, the [slowdown in 2022 yy] revenues.” Former Omnicell Vice President North America


12/8: DXCM received FDA approval for its G7 continuous glucose monitor and is planning to launch the device in the U.S. during 1Q23.

  • Experts at Stream are positive on the G7 and expect it to help DXCM maintain its leadership in the type-1 diabetes market. Meanwhile, they have mixed opinions about whether the G7 will facilitate share gains in the type-2 diabetes market.

“I know that Dexcom… just [got] approved a couple of days ago for the G7. I even had a patient leave me a message on Friday asking if I could upgrade her to the G7…I’m optimistic [about G7].” – Endocrinologist

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