Stream Healthcare March 2023 Recap: Expert Insights and Trends in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is off to a dynamic start in 2023, and so far, March has been no exception! Stream expert call transcripts bring meaning to important market events, so check out our March 2023 Stream Healthcare Recap for expert insights on 2024 Medicare Advantage rates, AI in healthcare, FDA drug approval decisions and more!

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Medicare Advantage (MA)

The proposed 2024 MA rates released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in early February were well below investor expectations. Nevertheless, Stream experts interviewed since then have expressed relatively positive outlooks on MA enrollment.

“If the [MA] plans simply pass on the premium increases and hold benefits steady, I don’t foresee a number of people choosing to go back to traditional Medicare. Human beings don’t really like to change.”Former Senior Director of Medical Cost Strategy & Management at Humana Inc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With AI buzz seemingly everywhere, Stream’s expert transcript library offers deep insights into how healthcare companies across a range of sectors are incorporating AI into their business models.

“CVS, for example, has brought in a lot of folks from Google, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group… and the idea is to level up on [their] digital analytics capabilities. In that measure, I felt AbbVie was two steps behind in both recognizing that [AI] talent is necessary, and second, being able to execute on bringing that talent in.”  – Senior Manager, Commercial Strategy & AI/ML at AbbVie Inc.

Recent FDA Drug Approval Decisions

Stream interviews conducted prior to recent FDA approvals for APLS, RETA, TVTX – and a decision extension for ALPMY – provide insight into physicians’ anticipated use of these drugs. Here’s a sampling:

Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA)

MDT’s March 6th presentation of better-than-expected study results for its PulseSelect PFA system supports Stream experts’ optimistic outlooks for the emerging technology, which is also being developed by ABT, AFIB, BSX and JNJ.

“In my opinion… in the next three or four years, PFA [will] take [over] the market nearly completely.” Consultant and interventional rhythmologist with Mater Private Hospital in Dublin

Non-opioid Pain Medications

LLY’s recent licensing of an early-stage non-opioid pain candidate has brought non-opioid pain therapies into further focus. VRTX’s VX-548 non-opioid therapy has made the most progress in its development process, and Stream experts have expressed positive opinions about the drug’s study data as well as its market potential.

“The pain medications available to us [today] increase the risk of falling [after orthopedic surgery]… because [patients are] on a bunch of gabapentin and oxycodone… If a drug company could demonstrate effective pain control with [fewer] side effects… less addiction, less falls… the whole world’s [going to be] using it.” Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Specialist practicing within an orthopedic center

Coming Up

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Anticipated FDA Approval Decisions

  • 3/22: CDTX’s rezafungin for serious fungal infections. The outlook for rezafungin was quite upbeat in both this interview and this interview with infectious disease specialists.
  • 3/29: EBS’s Narcan nasal spray for opioid overdose. This interview with an anesthesiologist and addiction specialist provides an in-depth review of addiction treatments, including Narcan.

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