Healthcare Weekly: IDXX is Well Positioned in Animal Diagnostics

Trending tickers this week in Stream by AlphaSense’s top expert call transcripts are IDXX (IDEXX Laboratories), CVS (CVS Health Corp), ALGN (Align Technology), AMGN (Amgen), and BIO (Bio-Rad Laboratories). The spotlight for this week’s top transcript is shining on IDXX who may be well positioned in the reference lab segment with its highly efficient facilities.

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IDXX is Resilient During Economic Downturn

Previously, I shared the bearish sentiments of a former director of IDXX on the company’s need for new leadership and innovation. In contrast, one of the top transcripts published last week with a former IDXX senior manager had more bullish sentiments.

This expert believes that IDXX is not economically sensitive based on its experience during the height of COVID.

I think they would not be hurt at all. I know they’re doing really well. Even during COVID, we experienced the mildest slowdown. I couldn’t even call it a slowdown meal. It was crazy. We made several business initiatives to conserve. Management took a certain percentage cut in their salary to protect the business. The hourly employees took X amount of hours.

Senior Manager of Pathology & Lab Medicine, IDXX (Prior)

The expert also states that there is a huge shortage of histotech staffing but IDXX has an advantage since veterinary pathology isn’t regulated.

One of the big challenges is going to be hiring because there is a huge shortage of histotech. That’s really the only one I could think of. They have that advantage because since it’s a vet path, veterinary pathology isn’t regulated. You can hire pretty much anybody and on-the-job train them. They do have a very regimented process for that.”

Senior Manager of Pathology & Lab Medicine, IDXX (Prior)

Top 5 Expert Call Transcripts – Health Care Equipment & Services

  1. IDXX (IDEXX Laboratories Inc) – Former Senior Manager Believes IDXX Is Well Positioned in the Reference Lab Segment With Highly Efficient Facilities
  2. CVS (CVS Health Corp) – Former Director Is Bullish on CVS’ Position in a Highly Competitive Industry
  3. ALGN (Align Technology Inc) – Customer Sees the Clear Aligners Market Growing Slightly Faster Than the General Population
  4. ALC (Alcon Inc.) – Ophthalmologist Sees Use of ALC’s Rhopressa and Rocklatan Increasing Over the Next ~6-12 Months in Glaucoma Patients
  5. UNH (Unitedhealth Group Inc) – Former Optum Director Thinks Powerful Trends Like a Growing Acceptance of Behavioral Health and Virtual-First Are Driving Evolution Within the Employer Benefits Space

Top 5 Expert Call Transcripts – Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences

  1. AMGN (Amgen Inc) – Oncologist Is Negative About the PFS Data for Lumakras but Believes It Has a Good Side Effect Profile Compared to Chemotherapy
  2. BIO (Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc) – Former Unit Head Believes BIO Has Solid Portfolio of Products but Creating Enterprise Value Needs to Continue to Be Priority
  3. ABBV (AbbVie Inc) – Former Manager Believes ABBV Is Experiencing a Talent Exodus Because of Its Toxic Work Environment
  4. DHR (Danaher Corp) – Former Beckman Coulter Manager Thinks It Needs to Launch an Updated System to Sustain Growth
  5. GILD (Gilead Sciences Inc) – Hematologist Oncologist Thinks the Trodelvy Survival Data “Beats the Pants off” Chemotherapy

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