Consumer Weekly: DEO’s Internal Struggle with Innovation (+ VOW, AMZN, and MNST)

The top transcripts for consumer cyclicals and staples at Stream by AlphaSense included companies across a wide range of consumer companies, including the alcoholic drink group Diageo (DEO), energy drink company Monster Beverage Corp. (MNST) and German carmaker Volkswagen AG (VOW).

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DEO’s Innovation Hampered by Internal Data Processing  

Alcohol beverage behemoth DEO is fresh off purchasing a larger stake in foreign beer companies, this time 65% in Kenya’s East African Breweries. I have written before about DEO’s efforts to increase its foothold in foreign companies and bolstering its Mexican products in Europe. DEO’s pace of innovation is something to admire, especially as the company buys up shares in international companies.

“We have many times, maybe three or two times per year, that we have new products, innovative products, and this is happening every year… Those four products being more specific were very, very new in the market but the marketing activities of the company, I was so impressed with them and communicating the new products. They had solid communication and they were fast in the activities of reaching out to their clients, how to sell the new products, the training about these new products and the marketing activities in the social world were very impressive. This is something that I was impressed with in Diageo. How quickly they adjust to the market trends.

Business Developer, DEO (Prior)

However, the company struggles internally to recoup and process its own data through its different departments, a liability that could cause problems for new product launches either in the U.S. or abroad.

“I would work more inside in order to make the data accessible faster. That means that the business intelligence platforms were slow, and how we generate reports was slow. The report of the sales was totally different from the same report from the marketing with the same columns. The numbers were different. There are some inconveniences over there.

The company is still international and when you have some business request regarding the KPIs or in general business concepts, the outputs that you receive, it’s totally different from the department. The results vary from person to person and this is something that when you want to make a decision, it’s not efficient at all.

Business Developer, DEO (Prior)

Top Five Expert Call Transcripts: Consumer Cyclical

  1. VOW (Volkswagen AG) – Former Audi GM Believes VOW3-GY Will Maintain Strong Performance Despite Supply Chain Challenges
  2. AMZN ( Inc) – Former Unit Head Believes Prime Video With Ads Could Be the First Step to Bring More People Into the AMZN Ecosystem and the Ads Could Be Very Valuable
  3. AMZN ( Inc) – Customer Believes in the Potential of Multicloud Infrastructure Tooling and the Democratization of Cloud Access
  4. DASH (DoorDash Inc) – Former Strategic Partner Manager Believes There Are No Strong Competitors for DASH’s DashPass
  5. VOW (Volkswagen AG) – Former Data Product Management Believes Databricks Offers Greater Flexibility Than SNOW When Dealing With Complicated Data Sets in the Auto Industry

Top Five Expert Call Transcripts: Consumer Staples

  1. DEO (Diageo PLC) – Former Business Developer Thinks Legacy Systems at DGE-LN Resulted in Challenges and More Automation Is Needed
  2. MNST (Monster Beverage Corp) – Former Marketing Team Lead Is Bullish on MNST’s Growth Potential
  3. DEO (Diageo PLC) – Former Global Captain Morgan Consumer Planner Believes Premium Spirits Will Take Market Share From Beer and Wine in the Long-Term
  4. MDLZ (Mondelez International Inc) – Former Sr. Data Science Lead Believes Packaging Is a Key Aspect to Make CPG Companies More Sustainable
  5. PG (Procter & Gamble Co) – Former Competitor Believes Supply Chain Outages Leading to Move Away From China as a Manufacturing Hub for Consumer Good Companies


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