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TMT Weekly: AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL Earnings

In the News Three of the largest companies in the world report earnings this evening, so we thought we’d share...
Infinite Compute
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TMT Weekly: MSFT, GOOGL, ChatGPT, and the New Compute Paradigm

In the News MSFT reports today. The OpenAI deal structure, while interesting, is less interesting than the idea that Bing...
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TMT Weekly: The Shift to Programmatic – TTD vs The World

Imagine the best possible expert to interview about the shift to programmatic digital advertising. Ideally they would work at a...
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TMT Weekly: Leave Your Emotions Behind for CHTR

If this is your first exposure to TMT Weekly, then that’s great for me, as you did not read the...
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TMT Monthly: Top 10 Expert Call Transcripts – September 2022

The big news in TMT in September was ADBE’s acquisition of Figma, which I covered here. What caught my eye...
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TMT Weekly: CHTR, MDB and the TTD Bull Case

TTD Bull Case I’m familiar with TTD (The Trade Desk) from my time working in M&A for an agency holdco....
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TMT Weekly: Figma, VRSN, CMCSA, and the Greatest Remaining Threat to A...

ADBE to Acquire Figma for $20 Billion Last Thursday, ADBE announced that it would acquire Figma for $20 billion, or...
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TMT Weekly: SHOP, INTU, NFLX, and the Stories We Sell

It seems like I should know a lot about fantasy football based on my resume: 15+ years experience and multiple...
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TMT Monthly: Top 10 Expert Call Transcripts In Your Area (August)

August is over. That cool bracelet you got in Saint-Tropez has been quietly put away in a drawer. Your tan...
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TMT Weekly: CHTR, GOOGL and Fear of Fixed Wireless

Last week’s post featured an expert discussing fixed wireless in relation to CHTR, and I just went along with the...